1. Adventure in Africa: Fasten your seat belts for something thrilling

Covered in such a rich flora and fauna, Zimbabwe offers plenty of adventurous activities and sports for the same that would fuel up your adrenaline and bring out your wild side. Ranging from the highest waterfalls to the snowcapped mountain ranges of Morocco, Africa is purely a wild experience for adventure freaks.
Some activities are listed below:
• Uganda & Ethiopia- Popular spot for river rafting
• Atlas Mountains- Ski and snowboard through the snowcapped ranges
• Senegal- Popular for surfing
• Victoria Falls- Swimming, rafting, and bungee jumping up close to the Falls
• Madagascar- Best location for scuba diving and snorkeling
• Namibia- Experience a thrilling sandboard ride with 4x4 rides

2. Exploring the History of Africa: Excavate and discover the past

The history of Africa includes the most thriving civilizations, dedicated to all the history seekers, here is a list of things to do:
• Thebes- This place is an ancient city including historical locations like the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Valley of the Queens, and Karnak. These popular archaeological places give a glimpse of the Ancient Egyptian Lifestyle.
• Great Zimbabwe- This destination had always been a thriving place for trading from the 11th – 15th Century. The site currently has remains of the Old African Iron Age City.
• Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania-This is an ancient Pale Anthropological deposit spot where there are deposits that date back to 2.1 to 15,000 million years, and also these fossils excavated contain 60 hominids or human ancestors.
• Leptis Magna- This city was one of the most popular cities of Rome and was also the largest city of the old Tripolitania. This location was firstly lost in the sand, and then got excavated and rediscovered.

3. Culture of Africa: Dive into the depths of this magnificent continent

Ranging from the exquisite handicrafts to the heritage routes and creating an insight into the lives of the African Natives, this continent has a separate History that creates an authentic root into the depth of its culture.

4. Food and Delicacies of Africa: Relish the best cuisines of its kind

The delicacies in this continent have a separate fan base and travelers from Asia, Europe, Arab Emirates come all the way long to admire these precious tastes.
• Food in Central Africa- Peanut butter and sugar, cassava greens, peanut casserole plus chicken, okra, stewed spinach, and a lot more
• Foods famous in South Africa- Antelope Meat, Indian spices and fruits, Ostrich Meat
• Foods in North Africa- Cinnamon, chili pepper, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, ginger, nutmeg, typical spices, and saffron
• Foods in West Africa- Palm wine, Goat meat, Fufu, Guinea pepper, and seafood
• Famous foods in East Africa- Tomatoes, chapattis with pickles, lentil dishes, Ugali, Swahili cuisine, limes, lemon, pineapple, pork meat, chili peppers, corn, and oranges

5. Famous Places to visit in Africa: Explore the best attractions

Africa itself is a big continent and filled at the brink with a sparkling environment and beautiful animals. With rich vegetation and scenic beauty, the list of places to visit doesn't seem to shorten.
Here are a few places you can plan your next trip to;
• Sossusvlei Namib Desert National Park {Namibia}
• Valley of the Kings {Egypt}
• Victoria Falls {Zimbabwe Border}
• The Great Pyramids of Giza {Egypt}
• The Virunga Mountains {DRC/Rwanda/Uganda Border}
• Ngorongoro Crater {Tanzania}
• Okavango Delta {Botswana}
• Mount Kilimanjaro {Tanzania}
• Wildebeest Migration, Maasai Mara & Serengeti National Park {Kenya and Tanzania}

6. Wildlife Safari: Get enthralled with the thriving wilderness

Being in Africa and not getting ready for a wild safari? It is hard to digest because this safari is unlike any other, witness the sprawling grasslands and animals roaming freely. This will be an unforgettable experience for nature seekers. Being present up close to the majestic lions or a leopard or an elephant is no less than a meet-up with your favorite Actor. The adrenaline rush and those goosebumps at every second make the moment worth every single penny.
The best locations for a Wildlife Safari are;
• Etosha National Park, Namibia- Black Rhino, Cheetahs, The Big Cats, is the best sightings noted
• Chobe National Park- Home to endangered species like Brown Hyena, Wild Dogs, and Cheetahs
• Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Reserve, Uganda- Guerrillas are the most famous attractions
• Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya- Popular sightings for animal migration
• Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique- Famous for its marine life and stunning game sighting
• Serengeti National Park, Tanzania- Sprawling wildlife and animal migrations are the most popular sightings
• Kruger National Park, South Africa- A famous location to spot the Big 5

7. The Beach Life of Africa

The best beaches are here in Africa, if you move to North Africa, there is a lot more crowd and double the fun. The notable places for a proper beach time include Mauritius, Madagascar, and Seychelles. Moving on to West Africa, the beaches are for a complete surfing experience apart from the sun’s goodness. Africa’s East coast is a complemented point for the Indian Ocean. South Africa on the other hand has those beaches where travelers can swim with sharks, play with penguins, hence making it an extravagant spot for a perfect holiday.

8. Relishing the Festivities in Africa

Africa is a place with diverse ethnic cultures and tribes all over the continent. The festivals celebrated here are worth viewing, they include performances, dance, arts, music, and many more groovy celebrations as well. Some native or local festivals may be inaccessible for most travelers, however, the big festivals invite every individual to become a part. There are so many activities as well starting from, sports, poetry, music, drama, dance, etc. The only thing one should do is to be a part of it.

9. Witness the Night Life in Africa: The part of the city that doesn’t sleep

Africa is one of those places where the nightlife is largely relished. Those late-night clubs with jazz music and dancing play a different vibe as a whole. There are numerous options to look out for and indulge in the exotic night era.
The nightlife is best enjoyed and celebrated in these cities:
• Nairobi & Mombasa {Kenya}
• Addis Ababa {Ethiopia}
• Kampala {Uganda}
• Kigali {Rwanda}
• Johannesburg and Cape Town {South Africa}

10. Shopping In Africa: Spend and Bargain

The most incredible shopping centers are here in Africa, local bazaars, local traders, handicrafts, souvenirs, and also malls and supermarkets. Find the most exquisite goods and unleash your bargaining skills. It also gives you a good insight into the culture of the country and the natives. Some notable places for having complete shopping are Fes, Johannesburg, Accra, and Maasai.

Based on the itinerary provided, the vacation in Africa should be a tailor-made one. It is a country filled with overwhelming things and extravagant places to visit with scenic beauty always enveloping you. Enjoy a well personalized holiday with a top-notch experience, do not wait long enough to pack your bags, book your tickets, and get set for an enthralling experience. Choose from the best prices available from Africa Packagesto spend a comfortable and safe vacation.

A happy and safe travelling!