1. Montague Island

Montague Island: The breathtaking attraction of the South Coast for its vibrant aqua life, crystal clear water bays and landscape beauty hold Montague Island at the forefront of tourist attraction. The baby penguins, slippery seals, and splashing whales can be the chosen acquaintance for snorkeling, swimming cruising. The aquamarine acrobatics show by these majestic creatures often keeps you in an awe-inspired moment. The skilled boat operators perfectly match the speeding recital and present a joyful experience

2. North Head

Seeking healthy retreat, this harbor peninsula can surf up your travel vibes with an alluring view, military fortification, coastal bushland, Hornby lighthouse, bike ride, or relaxing ferry ride through Circular Quay. Located at the extreme north of the Manly peninsula region, North Head unravels a never-ending ocean view, Sydney Harbor, and the skyline. This beautiful location can be best praised and valued on New Year’s Eve to spot and glance at the extravagant fireworks. North Head is a great spot to give a head start to your New Year!

3. Jenolan Caves

Spectacular fossilized Jenolan caves bordered with Blue Mountain and serpentine rivers make the amazing-looking rock formations even more captivating. This premier tourist site provides aboriginal heritage and a geological marvel. These massive series of 11 caves are the result of limestone rock erosion in freshwater and stalactites growth from the ceiling. This trek is dedicated to fitness fanatics and the brave-hearted. Lucas cave is a popular snow cave for its highest hanging ceiling and adventurous track. From the narrow hole bumping onto a wide abyss, squeezing and crawling the cave floors to meet the zenith of the venture. The site is neatly planned with natural cottages, picnic spots, and trekking routes to entertain the wayfarers to the limit!

4. Art Gallery

Big house of artwork was formally incorporated in 1871 displaying the valuable works of Australian, European, and contemporary artists. This premier art gallery consists of elegant classical buildings that harbor 19th-century indigenous artworks. The contemporary modern artistic representations are housed downstairs and the other forms of compelling aboriginal collections are extended over two floors. The extensive artwork and its vast collection is a massive crowd puller.

5. Ku Ring Gai National Park

A national park with a cosmopolitan flavor that blends history and natural beauty is a hot spot for native and foreign tourists. Located in North Sydney, Ku Ring Gai National Park has a stupefying scenic canvas to relish the second largest national park. The huge stretch of eucalyptus, the barnstorming rainforests, and a cluster of mangroves meet the ocean bed creating a fabulous track for bay surfing and wandering. Bobbin Head is a demanding picnic spot with cafes, kiosks, and fishing sites.

6. Worimi Conservation Land

This conservation land in the Southern Hemisphere has unique moving coastal dunes with a height of almost 30 meters. It is home to Worimi Aboriginal people and exhibits different cultural sites, artifacts, burial sites, and quad bike rides, and many more adrenaline-fueling activities. Saddle up on a horse or camel ride to explore the Worimi dunes that meet the ocean at Birubi Beach to enjoy nature face to face.

7. Chinatown

The heart of Chinatown is Dixon Street which happens to be a shady, thin pedestrian mall having many unrelenting spruikers and restaurants along the path. The Golden Chinese Calligraphy, the dragon gates made out of ornaments having artificial bamboo tiles is a religious site here and is said to keep malevolent spirits at bay. Chinatown is a very fabulous destination for the best restaurants and delicacies extending to many blocks north as well as to the south of the region, it opens up into Koreatown and Thai Town in the East. The current Chinatown is the 3rd one in Sydney the prequels were located in Rocks in the 19th Century just before it was carried to the end of the Darling Harbor located at the end of Market Street.

8. Have an awesome dinner at the Fleet

The fleet is one of the most stylish dining restaurants located in Australia and has a sitting arrangement for a maximum of 14 heads in common dining with the most innovatively stylish space. Hospitality is at its finest here and gives you a completely gullible and friendly atmosphere even though you are seated with random strangers. The starter dishes include small punchy flavored food items and the menu has mostly foraged ingredients. The booking should be completed one month prior, however, if you are unable to do so there is a direct walk-in booking spot near the bar which operates after 8.30 pm.

9. Coolangatta Estate

This estate was commenced during the 19th Century and brews premium quality Wine. The Stone Fruit scented Savagnin and creamy Semillons were bottled as the premium flavor for Wine since 1990. The experience of the catacomb door is very informal and friendly and the wine quality is very luscious. This estate is located in the Northern region being approximately 13 km from Bomaderry. A platter for lunch consisting of oysters, cheese, and ceviches is served along with the Coolangatta Wine. An immensely well-designed accommodation is proposed by the Estate in convict-constructed buildings.

10. Taronga Western Plains Zoo

This is one of the finest Zoos in Australia and is undoubtedly the best destination liked by many world travelers. Ride a bike, or wander around, take brisk walks, explore in a cart or even drive a car through the fields, you name it, there are plenty of groovy activities one can do here besides being a mere spectator. The tours and walks have some time restrictions, the guide walks commence from 6.40 am on the weekends and the extra walks are only allowed during the school holidays. Spend the nightlife inside a cabin, or a bush camp, lodges having a safari-style to witness the savannah. So book those tickets in advance to avail of discounts and even book some stunning lodging packages and even animal sightings during your safari. There are so many things you can do here in South Wales, starting from fabulous concerts, food, and music festivities, fascinating museums, and exhibitions to the busy farmer-based markets, everything here is equally beautiful and rejoicing. You can be a part of some of the most stunning sports as well. Whether you are looking to book a holiday with your family, friends, or a getaway with your better half, this country has everything in place for you, do revise the list of events that take place here before you plan your next trip to Australia. Book your tickets with Zutoura Services to help you avail of discounts or special offers.

A happy and safe travelling!