If you are thinking about a view featuring a grand Waterfall, then Venezuela is one of the best of its kind for your trip.

Bless your pupils and let it dilate to the astonishingly picture-perfect scenario this destination will bestow upon…!!

The Angel Falls in Venezuela is 979 meters big, so perhaps the water falling from such a humungous height becomes a mere fog after hitting the floor. The Devil’s Mountain is an alias given to the Auyantepui Mountain Range which is located in Southeastern Venezuela. The Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world unleashes her stunning beauty and flows from this site. An American Pilot and Adventure Seeker coined that this fall is of the massive height of 979 meters which is 3212 feet after he explored and opined it.

We bring forth some strong facts which will define the Angel Falls better and fascinate you all:

1.Angel Falls is much higher than Niagara Falls and one can say it approximately 16 times bigger.

2.These Waterfalls also have other names said by the locals, TuolumneBena& Big River.

3.Angel Falls is the highest Waterfalls in the World and not a single soul knew it except Jimmy Angel who opined it, Hence it goes by his name, “Angel Falls”.

4.There may seem to be disunion of the waterfalls into two or many more streams during heavy precipitation.

5.The girth of the waterfalls is 150 meters or 500 feet.

Angel Falls is located at Canaima National Park along the Churun River and is proven to be the best attraction in the whole of Venezuela. The atmosphere and the surroundings are picture-perfect, it provides a soothing vibe to all the viewers. There are boat and helicopter escapades and you can book either and scale to the highest point to capture the glory of the fall. Click beautiful pictures and take your friends, family, or your partner on this trip, going trekking to the base of this waterfall is adventurous but can prove to be hard, but if you want to catch a glimpse of this mighty waterfall up close, then this option is the best one for you. There can be another way to view the waterfalls, book a conveyance, and travel to Raton Island to spend some time and watch the beauty of it. Taking a helicopter ride is the best and an economical option to have a top-notch experience. Traveling to neighboring islands can become a bit of a challenge as dense and dark forests surround the path.

A trip to Venezuela to see the legendary Angel Falls is a trip that leaves you speechless for quite some time, builds memories, and lets you have some adventurous moments. Book your trip now!!

A happy and safe travelling!