• Gripsholm Castle

About: In the utopian tiny town of Mariefred in Södermanland, the Gripsholm Castle stands as a towering structure with a fairytale look at the shores of Lake Malaren. This Gustav Vasa castle was built in 1537 is the witness and harbinger of Swedish history for more than four centuries. The stately dawdle around the castle and light moments spend at the Hjorthagen nature reserve to watch royal deer can cast a charm of time travel from ancient to the medieval world. This highly prestigious Crown palace has been remodeled as a museum bearing the rich heritage of Sweden.
Gateway: Destination can be reached by waterways, roadways, and by train as well. It is 1h 8m from Stockholm central. Board a train from there to station Läggesta (approximately 40 min) and from there local bus can take you there. It is advisable to get the double-sided fare at a go to avoid buying tickets again.

• Kalmar castle

About: This 800 years old fortification will take you to the border of Sweden and Denmark and set you to analyze the strategic intricacies of Swedish history. During the 16th century, this palace turned into a Renaissance palace following European fashion. The Golden Hall with its gilded ceiling looks distinctive. The oldest portrait of this castle can be seen at the King's chamber. For ages Kalmar castle stood as the important citadel protecting the borderline, fighting for a royal cause and chambering the prisoners. Today it stands as a vibrant witness and leads visitors down the historic lanes of Sweden.
Gateway: There are four ways to get into Kalmar Castle. The best possible route is to fly from Stockholm central to Kalmar Station, train route takes 5h 12m and the rate of fare is 360kr-800kr, and the bus fare is 220kr-270kr but takes 6h 16m to reach you to the destination.

•Trolleholm Castle

About: Multiple names but one identity is what we can say about this castle. Medieval history acknowledged Katty Abbeville, whereas the Renaissance world identified this as Erik Holm and in the 1700s it was called Trolleholm. This place has 110 residences and this castle spreads over a sprawling 12300 acres with beautiful gardens dating back to the Victorian decade.
Gateway: Taking a taxi or a train can be the fastest way to reach the Castle from Lund, and it approximately takes 20 minutes. However, if you fall for the cost-effective side, try boarding a bus from Lund to Castle Trolleholm, it takes half an hour to reach the destination. Location: 268 90 Svalov, Sweden

• Drottningholm Palace

 About: One of the majestic Palaces with a sprawling stretch of Royal Gardens is Drottningholm Palace, the finest example of architecture, situated on an island in Lake Malar. This place is best for any sunny afternoon or an evening stroll along with some cozy talks. This Monument has marked its place as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.The palace bears a close resemblance to French architecture. The historic milieu, grand pavilion, magnificent palace theatre, and the imperial palace garden invoke perpetual memory.
Gateway: It takes less than an hour from Stockholm and one of the best broad daylight trips. Take a T-banaor metro 17 to Brommaplan, from there board any local buses going to Drottningholm. The entire journey comprises 40 minutes only. Address: 17893 Drottningholm, Sweden

• Orebro Castle:

About:The Orebro Castle is located at the heart of the city and best to view in fall or the beginning of summer. The castle offers a fantastic view and educational purpose. This ornate castle is a magnificent piece of 13th-century construction over a river with half-moon water bridges. The palace turned museum is surrounded by many picturesque settings.
Gateway: Easy accessibility via bus route: Bus 1,2,3 & 4 to Orebro Slottet Station and then walk Address: 1, Kansligatan, 703 61 Örebro, Sweden

• Bohus Fortress:

About:700 years Bohus Fortress is the silent conveyor of not so peaceful history. This fortress had witnessed 14 sieges but was never been captured. In 1250 the Norwegian king built this fortification of wood but later on seeing the sensitive location of this place it was reconstructed with stone and named Bagahus and later Bohus. After the settlement between Denmark and Sweden, the Bohus fortress has minimal future use for the country but its rich historical & political values are worth visit for. The Bohus Fortress offers many entertaining activities to kids who can play and dress up like the nobles, knights, and riders and also try hands-on archery, wooden horse riding tournaments.
Gateway: Get the VasttrafikGron Express bus from Gothenburg to Kungalv and get off at the Eriksdal and from there it is a 500m walk.