1. Anse Royale

Located on the southeast coast of the island, Anse Royale is one of the most popular and long beaches on Mahé. Ideally speaking Anse Royale is the warm and welcoming beach for the tourists, full of variegated supplies, comforts, and adventure tools one may look for. The offerings of this beach cum township are plenty. One may find peace in windsurfing, diving, kite surfing or snorkeling, and photography. It has a plethora of beach activities, and, the natural hues provide naturally drafted resting outlets for tanning and caressing.

2. Scuba diving & Snorkeling

If you feel that, ‘Ocean is calling’ then think no twice, just go for the Seychelles beach travel. Bay Ternay with its calm water surface, perfect water quality makes this beach one of the most organized for any kind of water adventure. Scuba diving and snorkeling let you enjoy the biodiversity below and over the water bed. Shallow but the clear water gives a protected site for a safe and sound family trip with classy amenities the nature being at its peak.

3. Swim in the Indian Ocean

Deep into the Indian Ocean, swim across the sizzling coral reefs, and travel underwater with giant Aldabra tortoises by your side. Sweep in the surreal island adorning the pristine beaches can commemorate this occasion inside your heart. It is better to take a helicopter ride to enjoy the overview of this archipelago. Beau Vallon keeps a mark by its stunning crystal clear water and allure the travel hunks to take a hand on snorkeling and underwater photography.

4. Port Launay

The maddening beauty that plays a melancholy of gentle Ocean swoosh and caressing sandy beaches is the Port Launay, the picture-perfect seascape open through land ways and seaways both attract travel buzz for an amalgamation of nature and luxury. This awesome beach encloses eight elegant beaches and a five-star hotel as the same. Yacht charters excel the fun even more to view the whales and sharks splashing water sideways. The scenic impact of this beach is spellbinding and gives you ample reason to enjoy your time in photography and stroking sands while enjoying tanning and relaxing

5. Visit the Natural History Museum

Found in Victoria which is the capital of Seychelles, the Natural Museum is a very niche destination if one wants to wander and explore the medieval times of this city. It hosts numerous exhibitions of flora and fauna and focuses on the primary motive over the environment and mainly aims to promote its natural heritage. Shelves in this museum also display many different insects, beetles, and bugs, the entry fees are quite low for this museum.

6. Rock Climbing

The white sandy beaches and granite hills of Mahé offer a plethora of opportunities featuring rock climbing, bouldering, and zip-lining. Expert trainers and adventure outlets provide the complete package for the globetrotters. Quality time spent, luxury, unblended nature, and adrenalin rush you have it all here on your Seychelles trip.

7. The Copolia Trail

The Coppola Trail paves a forth1.2km hike and a lift of 120m through challenging dense rein forestation with unique carnivorous pitcher plants to see here, and there is more than what a traveler might surf for. The scintillating 360-degree views from the hilltop can dumbstruck any hodophiles. Eden Island and Saint Marine Park are the perfect launching pads and back to beginning sites to take over or end the journey. Seychelles: Holidays and Festivals The hub of attraction bestows upon Creole people and World Fishing Championship in Seychelles. It is a perfect time to experience the native culture, customs, and rituals and become a part of the same. All Saints’ Day offers different festivities of Christianity and Paganism. Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria: ‘Bringing the world to Seychelles’ can be the appropriate phrase to mention the magnitude of this carnival which is equally beautiful for the natives and travel buffs. This jubilant and rapturous festivity happens to the melting pots of culture and cultural trades

8. Semaine De La Francophonie

The strong French connection and lingual spread remain at the heart of this festival. The diverse Francophonie culture binds people with peace, harmony, democracy, and human rights. The palate displays an array of food, music, dance, colorful costumes, and fashion trend.

9. La Digue Festival

La Digue Festival is a collection of multiple events that offer you fun and frolic at the beachscape. Three days celebration is held in the middle of August, commemorates the Feast of Assumption on the 15th of August. Apart from religious sentiments it annually celebrates the cultural, musical entertaining extravaganza and different sports events like-tricycle race, beach volleyball.

10. Holy Week

This is a happy festival for Christians when they celebrate the jolly moments of Jesus’ life. The passionate budding musicians perform to remember the last phase of Jesus’ life and enjoy different culinary and typical native delicacies.

11. Independence Day

The call for the nation, the valor, the sacrifices, and the patriotic zeal enlighten the celebration every year on 29 June and remembered by every generation as their Independence Day. It is the time of merriment, pride, holidaying, music, and good food that spills every corner of the street.

Nature’s natural is the term to define Seychelles, adored with the best and unique offerings of nature and maintained with best possible purity to attract Itinerants. If you are a resfeber and bore wanderlust, then rush for the adventure sports of Mahé Island and feel the kick of adrenalin rush!!!


It is a visa-free country
• They speak English, French, and Creole
• You may pay in dollars, euros or local rupees
• Best suitable residence area and hotels are centered at the northern part of the island.
• The temperature hovers around 24-32 degrees centigrade throughout the year.
• Among eateries seafood and sea fish with added Creole delicacy is a must-try.

A happy and safe travelling!