1. Activities in Mauritius: Get Out on The Water

The best way to get into the island spirit is to get out on the water, and Mauritius has plenty of fun activities to try (depending on your level of bravery!). Because many of the beaches are protected by reefs, you won't see any large waves until you get a little further away from the shore. Some parts of the reef have a long row of kite surfers catching some serious height (particularly in the south, where we were based). Wakeboarding and water skiing are also popular activities, but stand up paddle boarding is my personal favourite. It's very relaxing for me, and the water is so nice and warm that falling in didn't seem so bad! Sailing, kayaking, and snorkeling are among the other activities available at most of the resorts. In addition, on our final day, we boarded a glass bottom boat and saw a variety of tropical fish as well as a very cute turtle! Visit Port Louis as one of the things to do in Mauritius. Visit Mauritius' vibrant capital, Port Louis, to learn more about it. Locals will be seen shopping, going to work, kids on their way to school, crazy traffic, colourful port areas, and more! It's not particularly 'beautiful' in comparison to the rest of the island, but it's authentic, and that's all part of the travel experience for me. On a Saturday morning, exploring the food market was a highlight. It was bustling with life, with vendors selling fresh coconuts, limes, Asian vegetables, and tea. I liked seeing all of the exotic produce, including the famous tea man, who had a tea for every ailment, from heart palpitations to cellulite!

2.Things to Do in Mauritius: Take a Food Tour

What a surprise – eating is one of my favourite things to do in Mauritius! Mauritian cuisine is a fantastic melting pot of Indian and Chinese cultures, with some of the most delicious dishes available on the streets. Street food is cheap, tasty, and should not be overlooked. To find the best places to eat, we went on a Taste Buddies food tour. It was an excellent way to learn about not only the culture and cuisine, but also the people who have set up food stalls throughout the city. Each had an interesting story to tell, and knowing the backstory to the food added to its meaning. It appeared to be one of Mauritius' best non-tourist activities.

3. Things to Do in Mauritius: Swing Practice

I'd never imagined playing golf on vacation, unless it was crazy golf, but when we had the opportunity to play on one of the world's top championship golf courses, I jumped at the chance! I attended a golf induction at Heritage Golf Course and learned about technique and posture while hitting a few balls on the driving range. It was surprisingly enjoyable, despite the fact that I still have a lot to learn.

4. Mauritius Attractions: The Seven Colored Earth

Mauritius is well-known for its beautiful beaches, but it also has a wild side! Hike through the woods and nature preserves to find rivers, rapids, and the occasional waterfall. This one was in Chamarel, near the fascinating Seven Colored Earth phenomenon. One of my favourite Mauritius activities! Things To Do In Mauritius: Witness The Seven Coloured Earth What a strange sight! Chamarel's Seven Colored Earth is a natural phenomenon in which the colours have evolved as a result of weather and soil composition. As a result, the dune-like surface of the Earth has been coloured red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple, and yellow. You must see this if you visit the island.

5. Things to Do in Mauritius: Try the Rum of the Island

During our trip to Mauritius, we saw sugar cane fields. Like the Caribbean islands, Mauritius is well-known for its rum production. One of the island's newest distilleries, the Rhumerie de Chamarel, is hidden away in the mountains on the island's south side. They make high-quality rums in a variety of flavours, including some that incorporate the island's abundant spices. In addition to purchasing a few bottles, you can tour the distillery and sample some of their collection.

6. Activities in Mauritius include taking a cooking class.

As a total foodie, I was overjoyed not only to be able to eat my way around the island, but also to cook some traditional dishes! We put on chefs hats and aprons and learned from the pros at Heritage Le Telfair. We began with a delicious palm heart salad topped with smoked marlin. I was eager to make my own chicken and prawn curry after eating so many delicious curries on the island. We added a lot of chilli to make it really spicy, and the spice blend was delicious. For dessert, I returned to the kitchen to fry some bananas with a generous splash of island rum. While learning new recipes was exciting, hearing what the Mauritian chefs had to say about the island's distinct cuisine, their backgrounds, and their favourite dishes was even more so.

6. Relaxing Activities in Mauritius

This is Mauritius, after all! Many visitors come on vacation and spend half of their time at the beach and half of their time relaxing by the pool, which is perfectly fine! With soft white sand, palm trees, and warm waters, the beaches are breathtaking. Because a reef protects many of the beaches, the water is calm, making it ideal for swimming, snorkeling, or simply floating around.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my top Mauritius activities. As always, my views are entirely my own.