1. Dublin City

Warm and welcoming, a fusion of repartee and acerbic, the city of Dublin is an amalgamation of antediluvian and contemporary culture. The city owns many global universities, celebrates book festivals, and home to eminent libraries. Dublin promotes culture and literature under its flagship, love for books runs in the blood of each dweller. A series of Nobel laureates like Samuel Barclay Beckett, W.B Yeats, Bernard Shaw has been scripted in the global canvas when we talk about scholars and laureates! The no-doubt City of Dublin is the most classified in comparison to other places in Dublin's must-visit list.
Favorable time: May to August

2. Cliffs Of Moher

The spectacular sight of the Cliff of Moher has had been captured on the silver screen for its extraordinary, and scintillating vegetation. Over the rugged West coast of Clare Coast on the Western European frontier, the lavish vistas over the Atlantic Ocean and Aran Island, safe pathways, and blissful natural aura look like Nature's Disney land. The verdant green meadows spread over acres of land amalgamed with countless tides and seem to create a strange musical chorus. The ardent attempt of the Galway Bay to reach out to the top of the tower gets crashed each time still the tireless effort of the ocean waves seem to keep no stone unturned!
Favorable time: April to September

3. Killarney National Park

The foothills of McGillycuddy's Reeks nestle the lakes of Killarney. The lower slopes of the mountains display a plethora of natural vegetation and biodiversity. 10,236 Acres of Killarney National Park is the home for Biosphere Reserve, and evergreen forests of Oakwood trees and Yew wood trees furnishing the forest. The profusion of bryophytes and lichens make the flooring of the national park. The native red deer add to its panoramic view. The mountains, waterfalls, lakes & meadows greet and charm tourists with their stunning hues.
Favorable time: May to October
Timings: 9 in the morning – 7 in the dusk.

4. Dingle Peninsula

On the Southwest Atlantic coast, the Dingle Peninsula with its terrain of rust-colored mountains cradling the lush green meadows and kissing the inky Corrie lakes. Prehistoric forts, clusters of medieval-looking huts, ancient Christian chapels, picturesque hamlets, and abandoned villages present a captivating atmosphere to the tourists.
Favorable time: May to October

5. Galway City

Galway stands tall with its 16th-century Bohemian culture and modern top-rated universities presenting a perfect amalgamation of a Youth city with medieval tradition and culture. The city looks at its best during different art and cultural feasts. Take a Galway food tour through well-designed bistros and brewers and take a plunge to the gastronomic canal. Visit the City Museum and enjoy a beach walk at the Salthill Promenade and give your ears the soft cadence of medieval melody along with preserving the experience forever. July brings the vibration to the brim with the arrival of the Art Festival every year.

6. The Rock Of Cashel

Between Dublin and Southwest, the square pitched Rock of Cashel, unfolds the pages from medieval history and is recognized as the firm alibi of the War of Hastings. This iconic fortress bears the monastic ruins and tells the story of changing hands from Catholics to Protestants. Arching from the grassy plain this medieval fortification without any ceiling or roof and conical pillars tempt History lovers to dig more about this archaeological site.

7. Downhill Beach

'Sand and Surf' is what the Downhill Beach is all about. The white sandy beach extends for 11 km. is the hub of beach walkers, seagulls, surfing, picnicking and aquatic activities. The filming of the Game of Thrones was shot in this beautiful location and this beach created unsurpassable memories at the name of "Dragonstone". The circular-shaped Temple of Mussenden is the gateway to view the insuppressible Atlantic Ocean. The temple sits as the crown on top of Downhill Beach.

8. Sligo

The domicile of the shellfish" is the real introduction to the town of Sligo. It is an absolute haven for marine lovers. The blissful water and the perfect surfing scenario letting you crush through the restless spontaneous waves makes you feel rejuvenated after the day-long trek. This is a complete package for an adventure enthusiast searching for a perfect holiday.

9. Blarney Castle

The embellishment of a stone castle with mesmerizing garden makes Blarney Castle look magical! Blarney is meant for persuasive eloquence; hence people setting their foot in this place often throw Blarney stones in a topsy-turvy position following the ritual of eloquence. This castle garden in its delightful colors of perfectly bloomed flora and smells that waft through the summer air, the sound of birds, and the tinkling of wind chimes, makes it look like a divine form of a heavenly Garden.

10. Cork

"The Rebel County" better represents Cork symbolizing its involvement in the struggle for independence from the Vikings. It beholds the Blarney Castle, the alluring tourist attraction of all time. Romantic castles, gala museums, seaside towns, ferry rides, harbor tours, and theme pubs never fail to amuse their visitors in more than one way.

11. The Aran Islands

The strong spiritual charisma of this island has won it the title of, "Island of Saints and Scholars" and that attracts several tourists every year. The Aran Island centers around Celtic and Christian worshippers who come here feeling an aesthetic pull. The island stands over the ruins of sacred sites. Eminent personalities, entrepreneurs, corporates, and destitute come to this place seeking connection with their inner self and experience peace. Aran Island has three counterparts, Inis Mor, Dun Aonghasa, and Kilronan. The original township is still untouched and remains as the harbinger of Gaelic culture.

12. Belfast

The capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast has acquired much popularity due to the Titanic Belfast. The humongous ship drowned in the Atlantic was manufactured in the shipyard of Belfast. The Titanic museum boasts 9 interactive galleries shaped like the Titanic invites tourists from all over the world. Must visit St. George's market to experience the local British culture and enjoy the vintage essence. The unique World Heritage site of Giant's Causeway keeps you jaw-dropped with the mystic black Basalt columns naturally constructed in a 3D fashion. The tour of the Crumlin Road Gaol, the prison house is famous for its architectural magnanimity. Hardly any tourist drops down Belfast from their travel list for its multiple attractions.

13. Ring Of Kerry

In southwestern Ireland, the narrow widening ring road around the Iveragh Peninsula, the Ring of Kerry forms a serpentine route leading to a pleasure ride. The place beholds a hilly hike route to ocean surfing for the absolute adventure lovers. The serenity and rich scenic beauty strikingly attract leisurely travelers. The Multifold appeal of the Ring of Kerry puts it on the popular list of destinations for tourists.

14. The Burren National Park

The 15 km2 Burren National Park leads to a mesmerizing world of tranquillity and calm ease. Wrapping yourself in the core odor of hazel woodlands joined with limestone grasslands. The natural aura provides a treat to your sight and blends into your pulse. Nature in its natural way is preserved and well-protected by the National Parks & Wildlife Services. The Burren National Park is the smallest of the six National parks of Ireland. The entire park has eight areas that remain open throughout and free of cost to visit, except Corofin, which opens seasonally.

15. Glendalough

The Glacial valley of Glendalough is better called the 'Monastic City" is strewn with a series of 11th and 12th-century chapels that extensively give this place a serene and peaceful ambiance. Most of the constructions are now into its ruins except that 30 meters high St. Kevin chapel built on a round stone tower still breathes feebly. Wicklow Mountain National Park, two dark lakes, scattered broken stone structures of the churches imprint the Middle Age imagery in the minds of the tourists.

16. Powerscourt House & Gardens

The 19 acres of sprawling and garden, Powerscourt Garden is located just 20 km south of Dublin City cloaking the Sugarloaf Mountain at its framework looks charismatic in all seasons. This versatile range of topography with unparalleled vegetation of rare orchids to Italian garden or simple kitchen garden can keep anyone wonderstruck! The prolific 150 years old manicured garden, the Powerscourt majestic vistas, rich vellum statuary, artistic iron works showcase magnificent human craftsmanship. The adjacent areas go at par with these beautiful carvings of the garden. Visitors love and admire this site and treasure this experience forever!

17. Donegal

The Forgotten County, Donegal is located at the north-western corner of Ireland, still untouched, unexplored by many, and is orchestrated on its own. The Irish culture, language can be sensed there. The seal colony, seagulls and cormorants, coastal plains, and foothill valleys are laden with natural treasure. Most of the famous 'STAR WAR' movie scenes had been shot there because of its inhospitable geographic setting and untrodden headlands. The Lough Swilly, the glistening soul-soothing basin with Emerald green Isle is a much sought-after location for hiking and biking. Since this place makes it at the top of the popular vacation list, as it is less crowded and amazing!

18. The Old Jameson Distillery

Whiskey, the transparent golden Sunshine" for those who believe in this great quote of Bernard Shaw the Old Jameson Distillery is the ultimate destination for whiskey lovers where they get to see the Irish distillery, processing, and bottling of famous Irish whiskey. The distillery is now open for the tourists to visit with a guide and go for tutored testing the brew at the pub to enjoy the drinks and get a gift pack for golden aromatic liquid.

19. Antrim

History and adventure forge together to form the County of Antrim. The northeastern township of Antrim spreads upon the banks of Six Mile Water, provides the site for cliff-walking, and watches the tranquilizing ocean view.

20. Clare

One of the most happening parts of western Ireland is the County Clare that homes Belfast, the cliff of Moher, a broad coastline region, to the historical ruins of Stone Age churches. The archaeological heritage, the stone palace, rich flora, and beautiful limestone surface provide a rare combination of the culturally rich panoramic view to embrace forever.

21. Iron Islands in Ballintoy Harbour

Explore the coastal route towards Ballintoy Harbour to enjoy boating, swimming, and fishing in a beautiful picturesque landscape. The necklace road heading to the island encapsulates a rich photographic background. The Iron islands with small beach townships and small hangouts offer seafood delicacies accompanied by welcome drinks, and a relaxing ambiance to enjoy pure family time.

22. Derry

The historical heritage site of Derry, the Walled city built in the 17th century can make you feel the vibration of ancient British and Irish history. The city is unique in its construction of the 1.5km circumference boundary wall, within this wall it preserves the Renaissance-style street networking. One can walk through the city lanes to take the inner view and tour the walled city. A promenade through this extravagant city crammed with historical monuments and architecture attract foreigners with its enticing stories of the 17th century. Within the closed walls, one can see the 1633 Gothic Cathedral of St. Columb, the courthouse, and the Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall. The entire construction has 7 gateways out of which 4 were original and the rest were done later. Though proclaimed as a lonely city, Derry is one of such rare cities which never faced breached fortification. The tourists may take up the journey from the Visitor Centre free of cost and the place is open for greeting customers from dawn to dusk.

23. Connemara

The rugged and rocky terrain of Connemara is a lake paradise, situated at the west of Ireland is a coalescence of ancient Gaelic culture and contemporary Irish scenario. The main attraction of this place is Gothic Cathedral, constructed around the 16th century unfolds nature's Disneyland with triangular ocean beds, bumpy coastlines, dramatic mountains, lush green hedgerows, weedy soil, and excellent gaudy hues of melting sunlight. The coastal high land and hilly surroundings leave options for plenty of adventure treks like cycling, canoeing, pony trekking, bird watching, snorkeling, or diving.

24. Giant's Causeway & Causeway Coast

The Antrim County at the northern coast of North Ireland in the Giant's Causeway & Causeway Coast at the foot of Basalt columns. Those amazing basalt columns are the volcanic fissures, created due to natural phenomena. Watching the sunset standing over the columns makes one feel rejuvenated. From the Causeway Coastline, the view of Antrim Mountain is photographic. The hot molten lava that oozed out again & again got cooled and layered like pillars with time. The topographical richness and the earthly history of this place are indeed some of the inescapable destinations for vacation. Favorable time: open year long. A trip to Ireland fetches you everything in a nutshell which one possibly desires to view while holidaying. The much-valued historical essence mingled with present Irish heritage can be seen stand tall in those innumerable cathedrals, ruins of Chapels, fortresses, museums to distilleries. The draping range of coastal beaches, highlands, rugged terrains, or multi-faced landscapes makes you feel contented and proud about booking a trip to Ireland.

A happy and safe travelling!