1. Further details and itinerary about Khaju Bridge

The Khaju Bridge is decorated with beautiful paintings, marble, and tile works, it is not famous for only being one of the popular monuments in Isfahan, Iran. This bridge dates back more than 350 years and still stands strong and glorifies the beautiful Persian Architecture. Apart from this, the Khaju Bridge presents itself as a place for globalizing and social interactions, it is also a hub for an exchange of cultures and traditions. Shah Abbas II built the Khaju Bridge in the year 1650, he was the Persian Safavid King and he constructed a fabulous masterpiece of work by building the bridge. The decorations of the bridge are something worth viewing, there are so many ways this bridge can mesmerize the human eye. The king had built a seating area in the center of the bridge to sit and admire the glory of the structure, however with due course of time, there is only one possession of the king left, his stone seat. The Khaju Bridge retains the true Persian Culture and glorifies the architecture relentlessly. This structure is not only a public attraction or a bridge for namesake, it acts as a center for social gathering and interaction. The height of this humungous structure is 133 meters and 12 meters long having 23 arches for strong support. The total architecture comprises solid bricks and stones. There are 21 big and 26 smaller entry and exit points, this bridge had been repaired once in 1873. Visiting the Khaju Bridge is worth the money, and to get a knitted itinerary before visiting, you can surf the details through the internet and get an idea about the history of Iran.

2.Best Recreations to do at the Khaju Bridge

One of the most elegant attractions is the Khaju Bridge, and there are so many activities one can do here. Besides, mesmerizing your eyes and gasping at the elegant beauty of this place you can also indulge in various things here.


Sitting on the Zayanderud River, the bridge displays a fascinating look with the background being utterly captivating having a picture-perfect scenic beauty. You can enjoy the beauty of the view from the bridge.


Clicking pictures is compulsory if you are visiting such an extravagant attraction, shoot the moments and capture them to create good memories. Bring your camera and click as many pictures as you can.

5. Architecture

The stunning architecture rests on the intelligent minds behind it, the excellence of engineering helps frame such perfections. Know more about Persian Architecture and admire the excellent tile works and paintings on the bridge walls.

6. Located At

One of the finest monuments in Isfahan, the Khaju Bridge sits at its prime on the huge River of Zayanderud in the Iranian Plateau. This bridge is undoubtedly one of the finest masterpieces of engineering and the highest point of attraction in Iran.

7.Directions to Khaju Bridge

The first place you shall reach is Isfahan, then after you arrive there, drive to the Khaju Bridge. You can take your vehicle or rent luxury rides to your location. Enjoy some beautiful panoramic sceneries on your way to the bridge as Iran itself is quite an elegant country.

8. Masjed-e Sheikh Lotfollah

This place is an unusual Mosque that was built for worshipping privately and therefore has a smaller size. The Royal Family worshipped this Mosque privately, there is a hallway inside this mosque that leads straight to the main hall. A study room is present in the basement of the mosque and the internal walls of the building are lit as the sunlight seeps in, no artificial light is used here.

9. Kakh-e ChehelSoutun

One of the best places to see in Iran is Kakh-e Soutun, this place stuns you as you enter the grand hall, and the entrance itself is alluring enough. It has an excellent architectural design you shall ever see. The walls and the ceilings are engulfed with mirrors of shiny gold giving it a special look, also the frescoes in the hall represent the historical court life.

10. Bazar-e Bozorg

Out of all the bazaars in the city, this bazaar is one of the most alluring ones. It is located in a beautiful surrounding having a stunning courtyard backstreet, this also happens to be one of the most happening bazaars in the city. Carpet products and souvenirs are the leading items sold here. Khaju Bridge is profusely the most magnificent destination in Iran and the highest tourist attraction can also be readily seen here. Prepare the complete itinerary with the help of these details about the Khaju Bridge and book your tickets from Zutoura to avail discounts and other special offers. Time is precious, pack your bags and books those tickets now, have a stunning vacation in Iran!!

A happy and safe travelling!