The most efficient things to fall for in Greenland

Facing a dilemma about the destinations to travel to during your holiday? Jot down these places to explore in these stunning snow-covered lands and relive the exciting experience:

1. Water Bodies

Greenland is the heart of freshwater rivers and hot springs, widely termed as fjords, these are gorges that are formed in mountain ranges by freshwater rivers which flow through the country. These fjords are the resultant of the glacial melt and happen mostly in the summers. Ilulissat is that site where one can find the most popular fjord being easy to access for tourists. Uunartoq is a famous hot spring visited by many travelers and is located near Ilulissat, making Greenland a hub of hot springs. The beautiful tranquil Blue River is a must-visit destination that forms a valley near the Petermann Glacier resonating a blue magical light throughout the valley. Polar bears are frequently spotted when you kayak across the Blue River.

2. Banana Coast

Banana Coast is the name for Southern Greenland for the tropical weather conditions, however, Greenland does not possess a tropical climate. The South coast has heavy vegetation and verdant foliage in comparison to the other regions of the country. Many beautifully colored predator birds flock to the coastal region, also this place is home to many vibrant species of Musk Ox, Reindeer, and Arctic Fox. Stunning mammals like seals, walruses surround the seaside and spread out lazily along the shoreline. Whale watching is also a profound activity one can do, board a ferry and cruise through the waters and catch the glimpse of a whale or two, Kayaking can also be a good option for adventure seekers.

3. Disko Bay

Disko Bay is situated on the West Coast of Greenland and is undoubtedly the top destination for many tourists for whaling and sailing. The Disko Bay or the Siorarsuit Beach is encircled by red sand cliffs and black sand shores. The greenery is pretty rare in these regions in the summers, also the strong aquatic habitation and rare winter interest are some traits making the beach one of its kind. Many travelers arrive at this region to Ski along the frozen winter waters, the winter season attracts some world travelers for this exciting winter sport. Polar bears are often seen along the coast on ice caps during the summers.
Located At: Disko Island, Greenland
Route: This beach is a half an hour drive from the town of Ilulissat and can be reached by boarding a ferry during the summers whereas a dog sled in the winters.

4. Fauna

The oceans of Greenland have an abundance of Whale species still most of the species migrate to the Greenland water during the summers and there three native Whale species which often migrate to the native waters. Some whale species like the Beluga, Bowhead, and Narwhal are found taking shelter in the country during the long winter season. Some of the prominent summer activities include whale watching and hunting during the summer era. Walruses and seals rule the Greenland shores during this time, here kayaking is the best sport to take a closer peek into the lives of these sea mammals. The tusks in Walruses are one trait that differentiates them from the seals, also these tusks play as a defense while fighting for territory therefore one should maintain proper distance while sightseeing. Predator birds like the White-tailed Eagles and the stunning species yet harmful ones, Auk can also be witnessed covering the coastal skies in this region.

5. Rocky Beach

This beach is possibly on the top of the list in comparison to all the other beaches in Greenland. The capital city, Nuuk is near this beach. The beach remains off the charts during the year but summers can bring numerous guided boat and ferry tours to the beach. The rocky beach gets its name from the rocks and boulders lying as a spider's web throughout the beach making sunbathing faintly possible. Kayaking and Whale watching are some of the popular activities done on the Northwestern beaches, one can easily capture a view of walruses, whales, and seals along the shorelines in the summers. Tourists visiting here should try seafood soup along with Whale meat delicacies on their vacation to Greenland.
Located At: Ukkusissat, Nuuk, Greenland
Route: Dog sledding or by helicopters

6. Route for reaching Greenland

Air is the best way to reach this Arctic Country, this destination has some International Airports among which one is the capital city Nuuk connecting the country with the world. Any corner of the globe will not be able to support direct flights to Greenland. The Air Greenland often flies to countries like Denmark, Canada, or Iceland to procure resources due to the shortage of the same in the country. A direct flight can be booked to Toronto or Copenhagen and then be routed to Air Greenland or Air Iceland flights to Greenland. Cruise lines are connecting to Greenland from North America and Europe alternatively.
The country of Greenland is encircled by two huge oceans and it is not the ideal beach holiday destination as the cold Arctic temperatures are freezing for any human being. Some of the coastal regions are either mostly inaccessible for travelers or yet to be explored and discovered. The summers are a great time to get a full-fledged beach time and witnessing the coastal life of the Greenlandic civilizations. Book your tickets and pack your bags and plan an excellent trip to Greenland with the help of Zutoura Services and maybe your luck might shine upon you and give you a chance to spot some polar bears, whales, seals, or walruses and some beautiful predator birds in this wonderful country.

A happy and safe travelling!