• Suva Municipal Market [Location- Harris Rd, Fiji]

Suva aims at the best in the list as it is an extraordinary place to move around clicking with your camera, the giant cabbages, tomatoes, chilies, jackfruits, and yams make this place more fascinating to be captured behind the lens. Products sold here are rather cheaper than those sold in general or convenient stores.

• Colo-I-Suva Forest Park [Location- Kings Rd, Nasinu Fiji]

This area spreads big up to 2.5 sq. km, the forest park includes ravishing wild beauty with rainforests filled with tropical plants along with constant vibes from melodic fauna and hence is in the top charts for the most attraction and demand. There are green natural pools, vistas, and 6.5 km of strolling trails. Elephant rides are also common in this area.

• Sigatoka Sand Dunes [Location- Viti Levu, Fiji]

With strong winds and a rough atmosphere, this place is about 5 km long and 1 km wide, and around 20mm high. It surfs up around 60 m through the western corner that induced their national stop during 1989. Travelers can visit the place without a residual doubt in mind and is perhaps one of the best locations in Fiji.

• Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple

This temple is one of the best examples of Hindu architecture and one of the most handful spots where Dravidian architecture and engineering is witnessed. Idols of gods carved on the wood are the style that got inspired from India. With delightful roof frescos and vivid coats, this temple should not be scratched off the bucket list.

• Taveuni Hill Fort

There are numerous forts scattered throughout Fiji, Taveuni Hill Fort always tops the charts and is the most famous of all. This monument was built during the 18th Century by Tongan Boss Maile Latumai. This was a preciously guarded site until it was used during the war. A 90 m huge limestone hill cornered at the edge of the Sigatoka River is highly important for the stronghold. This place will be very enriching for history seekers.

• Fiji Museum {Location- Cakobau Suva, Fiji}

This museum in Fiji offers and caters to all the interests of the visitors. This place lays forth an amazing dip into the Island’s culture and history. Fiji has an enormous Ratu Finau that is a last double-hulled kayak 13 m long.

• Musket Cove Marina

One of the best locations in Fiji which are said to pull yachties throughout the world has 27 moorings, 25 marina billets, fuel & water at the dockside, mailing benefits, clothing locations, etc. This place has amenities relating to hot showers, bicycle rides, libraries, and repair administrations. There are bike rentals for $30 per day and $150 per week.

• Snake God Cave {Korovou, Fiji}

Situated at a 23 km distance to the west of Korovou in Wailotua Town, This cave is one of the highest demanded attractions in Fiji. Snake God Cave, the name is derived from six sparkling stalactites found in the heads of snakes

• Navilawa { Location- Western Fiji}

Navilawa is located at an Old Volcanic Cavity enveloped by the area of Timberland and mountains, there are also small rainforests next to streaming springs making this place a popular destination for nature enthusiasts. This place embraces the Sabeto River and also has swimming pools and gaps for a quick dive and swim.

• Bavaro Waterfalls { Location- Bouma, Fiji}

This place is thickly concentrated with green rainforests, the three cascades merge the Garden Island that is one of the most popular places travelers can visit in Fiji. The initial cascade is a half an hour climb and is approximately 24 m till you reach the other cascades. The last cascade or the 3rd cascade has a very oft sloppy climb through the woods and requires more than 25 minutes or so. Last but not least, of course, this place is a must-visit destination for nature seekers and adventurers or even trekkers.

Here is the best of the best shared in a brief narrowed down the list to give you a mesmerizing feeling just by reading it. Get your packing on board, book your tickets, and get set for a natural ride by spending a vacation in Fiji. These places are sure to give you Goosebumps and enthrall you at every ounce. Spend a thrilling time with your family and friends in this awesome world of pure flora, book your tickets now.

A happy and safe travelling!