1.Porto Pomos (Located At – Pomos)

This part of this stunning island is surely a place to witness, the sea seems to glow in its blue hue, and the rugged coastline which rocks deep into the sea like a cradle is an epic scene to capture. People can take a soothing nap or even go for a swim, however, there are small pebbles and rocks in the water, hence do be aware during your swim. You can visit neighboring villages for fishing, one of which is Latchi. Solitude and silence are the biggest pros of this island, doesn’t matter if it is not a prominent destination, but the stunning sun rays and the blue horizon can drive anyone crazy for this place.

2.Lara Bay (Located At – Akamas Peninsula)

Lara Bay is a hidden island in the heart of the Akamas Peninsula Nature Reserve, one of the most thrilling experiences includes the process of discovering this island. Lush green verdant foliage envelopes the whole area from every corner, one has to hire a vehicle that will pass through the jungle's cradle and make its way to the beach. The beach is a very deserted one on this island and may have 2 or 3 inhabitants, the beach is nevertheless a wonderful and stunning piece of art bestowed by nature. Giant Loggerhead Turtles are the renowned animals found here, be quiet and observe these majestic creatures lay their eggs, this is a one-time experience one is going to have.

3.Paramali Beach (Located At – Avdimou Village, Limassol)

More or less, most of the tourist visiting the beach like to sit on a chair or spread themselves on a beach and hope for a good tan, rather some are the fueled ones who have a distaste for such people and those are the adventure seekers who are immensely wild in both heart and soul.Paramali beach would be the best destination for fun and adventure for these people in entire Cyprus. This beach is the perfect destination for kite surfing and is considered a very daring sport by many adventure enthusiasts, you can see kitesurfers through the beaches and even capture one performing a surf jump for a couple of seconds!!!

4. AktiOlympion (Located At – Limassol)

The word "city beaches" doesn't run a good vibe in our minds as they are mostly ghastly and polluted or populated, in frank words the relishing moment is never felt. However, in contradiction to this, there is one such city beach in AktiOlympion worth a visit. This beach was a sandy bank concerning the sea, gradually it went under refurbishments and was built into a huge beach. The seafront of Limassol is now a hub of hustle and fun, experience the maximum luxury of silky sand and the blue water in combination. Lie down and have fun on this stunning beach!

5.Mackenzie Beach (Located At – Larnaca)

This one beach is an ultimate hotspot sharing so many amazing breathtaking views, like the sprawling white sand stretch going for miles, the deep blue waters of the seagoing as far as the naked eye can put its gaze on, and the goddesses of bikini-clad sipping on the Blue Lagoons. This beach has a complete hustle of energy and activities one can never have enough. The sea is filled with different swimmers and surfers whereas some of them indulge in beach volley of a game of rackets to the utmost.

6.Fig Tree Bay (Located At – Protaras)

Beautiful tree lines of Fig trees queue the coast and gives it the most stunning look in the whole of Cyprus, hence this is where the name comes in, “Fig Tree Bay”. This beach is best for adults as well as for children and is named as one of the top three prime beaches in Europe. Children can have a fun time in the sandy heaps and splash along in the water, the adults can lie down and give themselves a good tan under the sun. During the dusk, as the sun goes under the horizon, the sky turns red as the sun hides with sheer blazing glory and hence becomes a stunning scenario to witness.

7.Nissi Beach (Located At - Ayia Napa)

This place is located at a tourist attracted hub, Ayia Napa, and is already a paradise with the sun shining with the full heat and force. The white sand is as soft and white as cotton balls, sticking to one. The water with a rich blue shade begs a nearer inspection, and unlike any other beach, this one is a very famous tourist site and filled with many heads busy in tanning, surfing, or sleeping to the utmost right under the blazing sun. You can engross with stunning beach games like, Volleyball, rackets, or go on surfing or water sliding, and some maddened frolic people mostly do, go for an enjoyable dance with your friends at the beach bars.

8. Aphrodite’s Rock & Beach (Located – Nearby Paphos)

Greek Mythology says that the Love Goddess Aphrodite rose from the ocean waves standing on a seashell, this art and concept was opined and glorified by the painter Botticelli, who represented Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Lust on a seashell with the backdrop depicting this very beach. The quote, “A Journey is costlier than the destination”proves its truth as the journey to this location is a stunning one, and it gets prettier with each crossing mile. As the unpredictable Aphrodite, the water hits the swimmers with the same as a result not many surfers or swimmers wade out in the open and ratherenjoy this wholesome view from the shore.

9.Konnos Bay (Located At – Ayia Napa)

The seawater showcasing a shade of turquoise blue one can seldom witness, this beach has the best, and the prettiest water one can see on the whole island. The colorful umbrellas all stretched over the horizon until the naked eye can see, and the powder-like fine sand which slips through your palm makes the experience livelier. You might be dumbstruck by the breathtaking scenery, with a view so dazzling one can easily take up a vow of silence. If you are more into crowds and surfing games, and other group activities, be sure to book your trip during the summer and storm the beach with all your might.

10.Makronissos Beach (Located At – Ayia Napa)

Makronissos Beach joins with the neighboring Dome Beach forming a huge peninsula making it almost entirely a whole beach. Wandering among some shrubs helps you find some secrecy and isolation, the sand is quite pleasant and soft with a slightly hot surface making it perfect for a short nap. The sun may cause a bit more heat, so one should mind the same. There are also many surfers crashing through the waves, you can have a bath in the pleasant water as well. Cyprus is a destination of immense fun and frolic, if you are a person who loves crowds, socializing, and playing thrilling games with random people, you are the one to visit this extraordinary destination which is filled with a dazzling zest life. Pack your bags, book your tickets, and board the next flight to Cyprus.

With these dazzling and beautiful locations for the best honeymoon, the bucket list will hopefully be narrowed down, set your worries aside and depart for a wonderful honeymoon together, plan your getaway, and plan your trip to Singapore now.

A happy and safe travelling!