1. Antwerp: Food Paradise

Antwerp: The enthralling Antwerp is all about the coalescence of oldfangled architecture and modernistic art galleries. Antwerp is conventionally called the diamond district, for the long supply chain mechanism of unitary diamonds. Delectable food sizzled beer and culturally flavored Antwerp never fail to amuse the tourists.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: The Ruben’s House, Museum aan de Stroom,
Grand Palace, Antwerp Zoo, MAS, Het Steen

2.Ardennes: Nature & adventure

Ardennes: Abundance of natural resources is the proud possession of Ardennes, be it the geographic setting or vegetation or wildlife. Rare animals like Lynx, wild boar, muskrats, hedgehog, polecat, or ferret can be spotted in the rocky hills, conical cliffs, or exploring through the caves, or playing hide-n-seek in the forest. Plan it for a day.
Wayfarers' list toppers: Bastogne War Museum, Waterfalls of Coo, Castle of Bouillon, The Herou National park, Euro Space Centre, Abbaye d'Orval

3. Arlon: Explore the post-battle scenario

Arlon: The harbinger of gallantry and scarred history, Arlon stands at the borderline of France and Luxembourg. The Archaeological Museum is worth exploring to understand its vintage value. It had been a part of Gaulish, Roman, and Celtic settlements along with a juxtaposition of damaged and healed Belgian culture at the hands of the invaders.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Musee Archeologique, Gasper Museum

4. Bastogne

Bastogne: What best incarnation can be given to the martyrs and patriots who sacrificed their lives for Ardennes? This borderline town of Bastogne fought the great” the Battle of Bulge”. The traces of its valorous history are strewn in the form of timeless memorials and history lovers could find this place at the top of their itinerary list to watch and admire the core of modern Belgium.
On the auspicious day of the 50th anniversary of this historic War and to commemorate those departed brave souls 4000 trees were planted bearing the emblem of UNICEF, which can be witnessed from airways only. This unique representation makes this place much valued by tourists.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Mardasson Memorial, Wood of Peace, Grand Place

5. Bruges: Palaces, Gallery & canals

Bruges: The very appealing Bruges is a medieval township with historical buildings, chapels, ravishing palaces, and a stunning strategically developed network of canals. Bruges is crowned with the title of “Venice of the North” for its marvelous anecdotes of Vikings and reticulation of canals running through the town. A peaceful township looks mesmerizing at night when the blazing lights of the streets and monuments make it look magically colorful. The best way to commemorate this bizarre town is to ride a bicycle along the streets and sip in hot chocolate in utter peace and solace.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Belfry of Bruges, Church of Our Lady Bruges, Groeninge Museum, Basilica of Holy Blood.

6. Brussels: Nightspots and the Ultimate Shopper’s Stop

Brussels: The trip to Belgium will not be accomplished without setting afoot in the capital city, Brussels the nexus of the directorate, lifestyle, fashion, tourism, and business. Brussels proposes to you the complete flavor of European holidaying, soulful art and culture, enriching ancient history and authentic cuisines.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Atomium, Manneken Pis, Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Grand Place

7.Beguinage: Witness the famous Wood of Peace and Serenity

Beguinage: A 13th-century women-centric world existed here with a completely holistic approach of dedication and service without narrowing down their worldly responsibilities and family affairs. The entire township is encircled by ditches and towering walls.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Gentport Bruges, Castle of Alden Biesen, The palace of the Prince, Fort St. Pieter, Museum of Walloon Life

8. Charleroi: Admire and submerge in the World of Rich Art

Charleroi: If you are an aesthetician, be it an amateur or a professional artist plan to visit this city of arts, Charleroi, which is opined as a profound art gallery in itself with many faced art museums scattered here and there. The city has all the big names, rich in art-centric monuments, be it fresco, mosaic art, or fine arts. Passage de la Bourse, City Hall, Museum of Art at Hainaut, the museum of Photography are the best locations to explore. Dip your soul in the folklore and music at the City Hall. The pure Belgian eateries help satisfy the cultural tour through the gastronomic channel!
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Eglise De St. Christopher, Comedie Centrale de Charleroi, Musee de la Photographie, Musee du Verre, Le Bois Du Cazier

9. Dinant: Cavern & fauna/h4>

Dinant: Cavern and appealing wildlife make Dinant a special attraction for tourists. Located at the riverbank of the Meuse and 65 km from Brussels, the capital makes it easily attainable for tourists. The Grotto of Dinant and Caves of Han are impressive with the hallmark of the humongous dome-shaped arch to the dripstones putting their magical reflection in the translucent water below. The rich biodiversity of this place allures wildlife photographers and filmmakers to come and shoot.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Notre Dame De Dinant, Dinant Citadel, Verve's Castle, Castle of Fryer, Park Furfooz

10. De Haan: Wander the best sandy beaches

De Haan: The white sandy village flaunts its beaches with a stunning range of lip-smacking cuisines offered by the series of beach restaurants serving local flavors and delicacies. De Haan provides the option for homestay that makes it even more alluring among the tourists.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Duinbossen, Strand de Haan, Aquafun De Haan, Royal Golf Club Oostende

11. Durbuy: See the blossoming Poppies & Rhododendrons

Durbuy: The smallest town in the world with mystical woods and extravagant palaces, this small hamlet of Durbuy is located in the Walloon City, south Belgium. The tiny locality represents being tucked in a spider net-like careless cluster of Rhododendron and Poppies, giving it a mystic fable setup. The oldest Hindu Centers, a spiritual community set in the background of mesmerizing woodland which draws millions of people every year.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Corn Labyrinth, Tim Burton House, Menhirs & Dolmens of Weris, Radhadesh Retreat Centre

12. Ghent: Explore the calm & serene Art scenario

Ghent: This appealing port city is located at the confluence of Scheldt and the Leie Rivers is one of the wealthiest cities of Northern Europe. The entire city has a boundary of large canals that can be operated. Ghent has maintained its medieval artifacts and masterpieces in the form of different monuments, cathedrals, Design museums, and castles assign to the reminiscence period of Medieval Europe. People are simple, warm, and welcoming, they offer beer and indulge in charming conversations which often steal the hearts of the tourists.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Castle of the Counts, Museum of Fine Arts, The Design Museum, Saint Bavo Cathedral

13. Genk: “Black Stuff” to “the Green City”

Genk: “The Green City” of Genk happens to be the most surprisingly refurbished city. A city which was a mining city with coal mines of Andre Dumont, miners, black water, and sepia-toned coloration, enthusiastically embraced nature. The lovely Hoge Kempen National Park can make you fall in love with its gentle and serene environment.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: National Park Hoge Kempen, Bokrijk (the living museum of Life), Emile Van Doren museum

14. High Fens: See the rare species of plants and animals

High Fens: Nature at its best can be seen from High Fens, the green pearl crowned with all rare and nearly extinct species. High Fens, popularly called the Eifel National park attracts travelers younger or experienced because of its rich and dynamic ecological value. Foggy, windy, frosty, cloudy different colors having different seasons add to the fresh display. Cranberries, Cotton Grass, Chickweed, Bog Rosemary, and Giant Sponge are quite a lesser among the vegetation that keeps special mention. The animal habitats are equally interesting with black Grouse, woodpecker, Meadow pipit, Black Stork, Pygmy Owl.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: La Baraque Michel, Uber Stege durchs Moor, photographic countryside

15. Hasselt: The destination which gives you a classic taste

Hasselt: Hasselt is the town that is more of a classic site popular for housing the premium villas in the whole of Belgium. Spalbeek, Kuringen, Stokrooie, and Wimmertingen along with hamlets of Rapertingen and Kiewit are some of the small communes here. A boat ride can be a generous option to sail through the town; the ride can be boarded from Demer River and Albert Canal flowing through the town
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Japanes Garden, Herkenrode Abbey, Bokrijk, and Plopsa Indoor Hasselt.

16. Hoge Kempen National Park: Wander through the beautiful Lakes & Pine Forests

Hoge Kempen National Park: this is the first National Park in Belgium with a spread of more than 5000 acres and an accumulation of a huge range of flora and fauna. The beautiful location of this valley in between Meuse river and Genk make the setup even more eye-soothing and also gives a natural water supply to the national park that homes the rare species of Red Fox, Bee wolf, Wild boar, Red beaked woodpecker, woodlark, Linnet, Hawks & Falcons, blue-winged grasshopper, Stag Beetle, Smooth snake, Viviparous Lizard. The park has an impeccable range of amphibians, reptiles, and birds. Often wildlife photographers can be spotted here.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Thor park, Christus Koning Church, Hiking & biking, Mechelse Heide

17. Knokke-Heist: Witness an unparalleled scenery and picture-perfect beauty

Konkke-Heist: A small Belgian coastal town at the brim of Zwin National Park signifies being coming out of a painter’s canvas! Rich historical background that takes you back to World War II, the museum, mud fields, sandy beaches, and pecking storks to catch oysters and shells makes its natural landscape look so appealing.
Wayfarers' list toppers: For Freedom Museum, Zwin Nature Park, Sincfala, Grand Casino Knokke

18. Kortrijk: Visit the shopper’s abode

Kortrijk: Enjoy the perfect amalgamation of the ancient period and contemporary flavor by wandering through this small town located in West Flanders. Kortrijk is an abode for the shopaholics to find a large range and variety in the shopping arcades or pedestrian shopping streets. The K-indoor shopping is the largest of all with all exclusive brands and discounts. Three Broel Towers launch the best view of the entire township with River Leie flowing through the hamlet adds to the crowning beauty of this place.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Texture Museum, 1302 Kortrijk multimedia Museum, Broel Towers, Beguinage of Courtrai, De Gavers, Eperon d’Or

19. Liege: Experience the best Nightlife environment

Liege: A fascinating advertisement commercial in the Meuse valley happens to be the third-largest city on this serene planet. This city holds the setup of various industries, glimmering nightlife, architectural wonders, and a long chain of museums like- Transport Museum, Museum of Walloon Life, Curtis Museum, and lively people. The Archeoforum de Liege is a complete set-aside museum where one gets to see and experience the works of the Archaeologists being in the same atmosphere, most of its part is underground and strewn pieces of probable geological stones, boulders, blueprints or handmade sketches put in glass casings appeal the tourists and let them admire and appreciate the relentless efforts made by the authority. The night is always "too Young" here in Liege with Le Carre, Le Pot au Lait, Café Brasil, La Cardan where you get to chat with locals, enjoy live music, bands, book your drinks, and able to indulge in sweet talk!
Wayfarers’ list toppers: La Boverie, Montagna de Bueren, Aquarium, The Palace of the Prince Bishop, Parc Boverie

20. La Roche-en-Ardenne: Explore the popular Museums and Animal Parks

La Roche-en-Ardenne: It is the heart of Ardennes tourism, padded with the wood hills and lapped by the Ourthe River extends jaw-dropping celluloid beauty. La Roche-en-Ardennes bears an ecstatic Belgian flavor of history back to WWII. Because of its geographic boundaries and setup, La Roche-en-Ardennes pulls the adventure bugs over kayaking, mountain biking, trekking or even playing volleyball. The modern era-derived Soup Festival or the Art Festivals are astonishingly inescapable.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Ardennes, Ourthe, The Herou National Park, Barrage de Nisramont, Lake Nisramont

21. Leuven: Some of the best Belgian Breweries can be found here

Leuven: One of the largest cities with historical weightage and economic value addition. It lies along the Dyle River in the Flanders province of Central Belgium. This major suburb has a Catholic University, several cloth plants, agricultural goods, and leather manufacturing industries, food processing and brewing centers. Naturally, tourists find Leven suitable for shopping or taking return gifts as memorabilia.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Historical Leuven Town, Park Abbey, Groot Begijnhof, Stella Artois Brewery, Arenberg Castle

22. Malmedy: The best Biking and hiking trails

Malmedy: A small township that had witnessed and survived the WWII German rages, called the “Malmedy Massacre”, still raises goosebumps when you visit the museums and see the pictures of the mournful battles. This place lays down a pure fusion of past and present, history and adventure, slow-paced and fast-track life. The spectacular view of ornate meadows and biking or trekking trails through high Alzette valley.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Malmedy Massacre Center, Baugnez44, Malmundarium, Cathedral Saint Pierre

23. Meuse Valley: Admire rich vegetation and lush greenery

Meuse Valley: The steep valley grew around L-shaped Meuse river is thickly populated and a great tourist spot. View the city while boating in the lake is impressive. It is the central location from where tourists can move to their forecasted destinations, either to Namur or Dinant through different modes of conveyance. The tranquil, velvety valley is bordered by thick forest. The township in the lap of nature, spiraled by a river and guarded by forests, like “pearl shell countryside”!
Wayfarers’ list toppers: River Meuse, Town Hall, Montherme rooftop view, Laifour Rocks

24. Mechelen: Go for some of the most entertaining cruises and picnics

Mechelen: Mechelen is situated nearby Antwerp, it is another beautifully panoramic destination in Belgium and is indeed a truly special place. This place is popular for boat escapades and brewery tours. A breathtaking scenario of the Antwerp Port can be seen if you can climb the huge tower of St Rombout Cathedral, you can also visit the famous Carillion School known for its lessons on complex mechanisms of different bells
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Provincial GroendomeinVrijbroekpark, Brouwerij Het Anker and St Rumbold’s Cathedral

25. Mons: Get the ultimate relaxation and serenity

Mons: Mons is called the picturesque Capital of the Hainaut province of Belgium. Here Grand Palace, a large cobblestone square, and age-old town hall are some of the best sites to witness. This town’s sweet melancholy of Belfry Bells plays a different note in the hearts and minds of most tourists here. These Belfry Bells sit atop a 270 feet tower and without a single dilemma tops the charts as one of the prime destinations in Belgium.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Van Gogh House, Collegiate Church of Sainte-Waudru, and Jacques Du Broeucq alabaster statues

26. Namur: Explore the Medieval Forts and beautiful Rivers

Namur: This place is sandwiched by two quiet rivers of Sambre and Meuse. The high rising Citadel of Namur is very popular here, it gets its name from its high-rise going over the whole city. The Medieval Fortress and the lovely people living here will mark Namur to be one of the best cities in Belgium to spend a perfect vacation. This Citadel happened to be Europe’s stronghold and still has the mighty glory and aura which drives hundreds of tourists from different continents. The Citadel has a huge majestic Bronze statue of a Turtle making it one of its kind in all of Europe. The beauty and grandeur of this place are often compared to other famous Castles in Bruges. Having itself surrounded by stunning gardens and offering jaw-dropping views of rivers are not a surprise here.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: St Loup Church, Rue de Fer, Diocesan Museum, Cathedral of Saint Aubain, Hotel de Gaiffier d History and Museum of Ancient Art

27. Ostend: Admire the well-known Gothic Architecture and beautiful Beaches

Ostend: Ostend is one of the biggest cities in Belgium and is very popular for its strategically planned port setup and location. The Atlantic Wall Open Air Museum and its glittering sandy beaches make it a famous and most tourist destination. The narrow streets running around Het Visschersplein help you to get familiarized with the city enjoying the local products at the markets on the way. The breathtaking architectural beauty of the Gothic Church of St Paulus and St Petrus is something one can never miss.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Gothic Church of St Petrus, Fort Napoleon, and Atlantic Wall Open Air Museum

28. Rochefort: Eat at some of the best of its kind cafes

Rochefort: This destination is very popular for its numerous shops, Churches, and cafes; it is located in the Belgium Province. There is a cave system running through the city and is rarely known by many. Main Street has everything to explore and get familiarized with the city. Rochefort’s well-known Trappist Beer can be ordered from cafes running along the main street.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Veves Castle, Domain of the Caves of Han and Lessee

29. Spa: The place where the Thermal Springs originated

Spa: The name Spa came from the medicinal Mineral Springs it possesses. The spa is located in a quiet serene valley along the Ardennes Mountains, and it is indeed the birthplace of Spa. The Annual Belgian Grand Prix held in the neighboring village Francorchamps is what makes the trip much more satisfying. The famous Mineral Water brand Spa was originated from this place and is exported to different European countries.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Thermes de Spa, Musee de la Ville d Eaux, St Remacle Church, and Church of Notre Dame

30. Tournai: Set foot in the world’s famous Cathedrals

Tournai: Tournai is located at the Belgian-France Border and has a strong reputation for its alluring Cathedrals of the world, this is the center of art and sculptures of every kind that will bring joy to the minds of every art or history seeker. There are beautiful Museums in this city along with glorifying Art Galleries; the Town of Belfry is the oldest in Belgium.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Notre Dame Cathedral in Tournai, The Belfry of Tournai, Musee d Histoire Naturelle et Vivarium, and Folklore Museum

31. Ypres: Dedicated to the World War 1 aftermath

Ypres: Ypres is located in the western Flanders Region and is a very prominent site to visit. This town displays the lives lost during World War 1 through different War Museums, Memorials, and Battlefields. The Belgians are indeed strong-willed people and recreated many destroyed buildings and monuments after the war including the popular St Martin’s Cathedral. There are a plethora of shopping locations like the Grote Market as a result, these traits make this destination the most admired in Belgium.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Tyne Cot, Cloth Hall, Menin Gate, and Bellewaerde

32. Zwin: Abode of Bird Admirers

Zwin: One of the most enchanting natural reserves on the Border sandwiched between the Netherlands and Belgium is Zwin. This place was commenced in early 1952 having the smaller half in the Netherlands and the bigger one in Belgium. This place has a wide variety of salt-resistant plants and a large variety of bird species. This destination proves to be an abode for bird admirers, it has a small zoo being home and showcasing numerous domestic birds.
Wayfarers’ list toppers: Zwin Nature Park and Zoo

A happy and safe travelling!